How to Style These $14 Hair Clips


I am 1000% here for the hair clip trend. I LOVE them. They are so cheap and fun to use. They can spruce up any outfit and for that, I love it! I found a pack of 3 pearl clips on amazon here. They are good quality for the price, and I have worn them a bunch and they are in great condition! After stalking Pinterest and my favorite bloggers for awhile to figure out how to wear them, I narrowed down my favorite ways to style them. Have fun and wear them however you would like!


This was my favorite look out of all the ways I styled them. It is so casual & fabulous at the same time.

2 on the side

Make sure to put them directly on the side of your face to get the full effect.

1 on the side

Very similar to 2 clips on the side, but I put this one on the other side of my face and only used one.

2 on the back

When you need to get your hair out of your face but still want to wear them! Grab a small section of your hair on both sides and use 1 clip per section (or else it will be too thick and won’t hold).

all 3

The most extra of all the styles. You can also put your hair in a low pony or bun!

1 on both sides

I am not a huge fan of this style, but it is super cute! I think other girls pull it off better than I do. Put a clip at eye level on both sides of your face.

messy bun with 1

Another way to spruce up a dirty or messy bun.

messy bun with 2

Add 2 clips instead of 1 for a more accessorized look.

1 on the side further back

This is the same as 1 clip on the side, but instead of directly on the face, I grabbed a section of hair and pinned it back.

I hope you enjoyed all my ways to style these hair clips! Don’t forget to add them to your cart here. And follow me on Pinterest for wayyyy more inspo!