My Favorite Purchases of 2018


Last year was my first year of blogging, so I did do more shopping than I usually did. I would make note of things I actually loved and always told my followers on Instagram stories or in posts, etc. I got the idea to post my 2018 favorites from my friend Madison (check out her blog here). This list is in no particular order, just what I came up with off the top of my head that I LOVE. All these items I swear by, and use constantly. Buy a few for yourself, you won’t regret it ;)


Hydro Flask

This is my #1 purchase of 2018. I made it a goal to start drinking more water - but I have to force myself. I won’t remember to go get a glass of water every hour, and I needed something that kept the water cold and something I could throw in my bag or purse, or in my car (without spilling). This water bottle holds 32oz, keeps your water cold (or hot), comes with a straw, is BPA free, and is cute… score! Tip: buy this pink lid to make it even cuter.

Dr. Martens

These are very trendy right now, but I wear them SO much. They go with everything. They are comfy. They look cool. You neeeeed.

Aluminum Straws

I talk way too much about these… but they are amazing and a great way to eliminate plastic straws. Keep them in your purse and in your drawer at home! Read here about more ways to become eco-friendly.

I.AM.GIA. Pixie Coat

Teddy coats are definitely in right now, and this one is amazing. It’s cute and cozy and goes with everything. It is also SUPER warm. It has not failed me in these DC winters yet. Check out my blog post here about a pixie coat dupe (if you don’t want to drop $100).

Ouai Leave In Conditioner

I am obsessed with every Ouai product I have tried, but this is hands down my favorite. I spray it on my hair while its wet and I haven’t combed it yet. Not only does your hair smell amazing, but it makes it SO soft. It also comes in a travel size, which you know I already have ;)

Anthropologie Hoop Earrings

I wear these entirely too much, and I lost my last pair in the Rome airport somewhere. They go with literally everything. They are the perfect gold hoop that doesn’t look too overdone or flashy since they are thin. I actually thought about buying another pair of these recently just incase they sell out and I lose another pair…. that’s how much I love them.

Satin Scrunchies

PSA if you have not heard - scrunchies are back. These scrunchies are amazing! I was looking for affordable satin ones everywhere and I bought these on a whim. They come in a pack of 15 for $12 with every color under the sun. And they are all pastel colors, my favorite.

Kopari Deodorant

I decided to start only using natural deodorant - and this stuff is amazing. It is clear and doesn’t have a scent, and works well. I have to reapply throughout the day but other than that it is amazing! When you switch to natural deodorant you will have to go through a “detox” phase to get your body used to then new deodorant. After that, you’re set.

Reformation Jean Jacket

I really wanted to invest in a nice denim jacket. One that I could break in, and it would be super comfy one day because I wore it SO much. I found this Reformation one and I fell in love instantly. I wear it with everything and the quality is amazing!

Lush Sleepy Lotion

I am all about my nighttime routine and smelling amazing and moisturizing before bed. I put this lotion on my hands, arms, and neck, and it smells soooo good. Puts you right to sleep and makes you feel relaxed. It’s heavy than your typical lotion but worth it because it’s for bedtime!

Quay Sunglasses

I really needed a pair of sunglasses that I could put on my head when I am indoors, at lunch, etc - that would not get tangled in my hair like my aviators do. I found these and they are huge and fabulous and comfy.

Circle Straw Bag

I probably wore this with every outfit last summer, it is trendy and cute and the perfect Summer/Spring staple. I am already eyeing what straw bags I want to buy this year - it was so worth the money!

Rebecca Minkoff Backpack

I needed a nice investment piece that would not fall apart. While I wanted a Gucci that is a few thousand dollars, I settled on this Rebecca Minkoff bag (I got it in Pink but cannot find it online anywhere). I love using a backpack when I travel and walk around all day - it doesn’t kill my shoulder and I can put a lot in it. This bag is great quality and super cute.

Ice Roller

I could not write this post without one of my favorite things I own! This will bring down the puffiness in your face and make you feel refreshed & amazing. I always use it in the morning, and I keep it in the freezer so it stays cold.