My Top 5 Amazon Picks for Fall


1. Red Coat

This coat is amazing, and very on trend right now. Find it here. It goes with everything, and it can be worn dressed up or dressed down. It is also a “dupe” to the popular I.AM.GIA. jacket!

2. Booties

I go through a new bootie every fall/winter. I wear them so much I always need a new pair at the start of the season! These booties come in different colors and are very comfortable. And they are very affordable.

3. Suede Skirt

You can tuck in body suits, throw a sweater on top, wear tights underneath, wear with sneakers or knee high boots, you name it! Endless outfit options. A perfect staple piece for fall weather!

4. Gold Hoops

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with gold hoops, and the “chunky” hoop is the style right now. They go with everything and dress up every outfit!

5. Floppy Hat

This hat comes in multiple colors, I own the black and have been dying to get the tan one! It makes any outfit cuter, and it warms your head at the same time. Sign me up.