Kitchen Items From Amazon You Didn't Know You Need


Oh, Amazon. The online store we always shop at and add random items to our cart. I have rounded a bunch of RANDOM ass Amazon kitchen items you didn’t know you need - but you do. Trust me.


Grilled Cheese Toaster Pouches - Be still my heart. Cue Ariana “….I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” First thing I added to my cart. GENIUS. Tip: these are also good if you are gluten free and your bread can’t touch or be around normal bread!

Hand Blender - I thought this was the coolest thing. I know most people are thinking, “wow so great for my smoothies”. No. For margaritas. I need this for summer. Tom, please get this for me I feel silly buying it. Tysm.

Personal Blender - Now this item is good for smoothies (and protein shakes)! I picture putting in all the ingredients and heading to work and then making it when I am ready. And, easy cleanup. I hate washing my big ass blender.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer - I eat probably 3 avocados a week. Enough to want this item and buy it. When I make avocado toast, I use a knife (for cutting), a spoon (for scooping it out), and a fork (for squishing it on the toast). Hopefully this will eliminate dishes lolol.

Glass Pitcher - I recently saw The Skinny Confidential post about this, and now I need it. She fills it up with water, mint, and fruit and then drinks it throughout the week. I notice the only way I really chug water is when I put literally anything in it.

Glass To-Go Mug - I need a new to go cup for coffee, tea, etc. This looks very chic and minimal so I am here for it.

Snack Box (Gluten Free) - I am a huge snacker, I’d rather have 10 small snacks than 3 meals. This variety pack isn’t a horrible price and I can throw it in my pantry for whenever I need a healthy snack (or throw a few in my purse when I am leaving).

Milk Frother - I love a good latte or cappuccino, and I’m pretty sure it is the frothed milk that I love. Buying this will most likely lower my Starbucks bill…

Reusable Ziplock Bags - I haven’t bought ziploc bags in years, I usually just put whatever I need in a container. But sometimes it takes up too much space and I wish I had a ziploc - this is a great replacement!

Bee’s Wrap - I mentioned this in my blog post about going eco-friendly, and I love them! This will eliminate saran wrap in your house. Woot woot.

Oil Sprayer - I love this item because it is also environmentally friendly! You can add any oils and it turns it into a “spray”, so no aerosol cans here. You can also save money this way because most spray oil bottles have a low product amount!

Woven Fruit Basket - Soooo cute. Very bohemian vibe. You could put this anywhere in your house tbh.

Recipe Card Box - I have recipes I have come up with, or friends/family have given to me. They are separated throughout my phone, computer, old notebooks, sheets of paper, etc. I need this box to organize them all!

Reusable Market Bag - Spring is coming, which means farmers market season is coming. There are so many around us and I want to start going to them weekly! Which also means buying a cute bag to bring with me every week.

Tri-Peeler - Another fancy kitchen item I don’t “need’ but looks cool, and I love gadgets that have multiple uses.

Warming Butter Knife - Ok whoever came up with this is a genius, like!?!? You no longer need things to be room temperature to cut it. I’m assuming you can use it on other items like chocolate and cheese?

Salad Chopper - I love chopped salads. They are easier to eat and the ingredients blend well. This will save time - and be hassle free. I usually put the lettuce on a cutting bard and cut it up and it goes everywhere.

Hand-Powered Food Chopper - I actually do not mind chopping my food. I enjoy it. But for those who do not, this is for you!

Kale Stripper - I constantly make kale chips and kale salads and I usually rip the leaves of the stalk, this will save soooo much time. This tool also strips herbs!

Multipurpose Mesh Bags - Aka, reusable produce bags. You’re welcome.

Grape and Tomato Slicer - I love cut up grapes and grape tomatoes in my salads! Neeed.

Stainless Steel Flatware Set - I don’t need this, at all. But I have a random assortment of flatware from college and these just look so nice and pretty. I can’t decide if I like the black or gold better!

Nonstick Oven Liners  - Another thing I did not know I needed until I saw it. We have a constant problem of food falling to the bottom of the oven, and then the next time I turn the oven on it burns and turns the alarm on. Hopefully this will eliminate the problem!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker - Spring & Summer are coming (yay!!!!!) and that means I will want ice coffee - not hot coffee. If I make it the night before I will be more likely to pour this in my to go cup rather than stopping by Starbucks.

Glass Tupperware Set - I am so sick of my plastic containers melting in the dish washer and food staining them - and its not good for you. I am also eyeing these glass bowls (that come with lids).

Pan Rack - Who else has a giant stack of pans in their kitchen and when you need one from the bottom you pull it and they all fall and you are too lazy to fix it? Same. I need to buy this and organize them all.

Dip clip - Something I did not know I needed. I have stolen a few from restaurants in my to go box (the little tin cup that ketchup comes in) but it will still get in the way of the food….. but this. This is the future. Tip: buy these for when you are on the go and don’t want to spill Chick-Fil-A sauce on your lap.

Things I already own and am obsessed with...

~ Aluminum Straws - If you follow me - you already know. Please stop using plastic straws.

~ Hydro Flask - The only way I drink water. Also buy a cute color lid to go with it.

~ Expandable Shelf - Bought this for our plates and bowls and it freed up so much space! And it’s better organized.

~ Air Fryer - A little pricy but worth it in my opinion. We got this for Christmas and I use it weekly. We put meat, seafood, veggies, potatoes, you name it! They come out crispy and it cuts the time in half that you would have to cook in the big oven.

~ Glass Water Bottle w/ Stopper - I have a few of these around my house. I have one in the fridge for water (I put it on the table during dinner for chilled water), one has my dish soap in it, and one has oil. They have many uses, and they look pretty and minimal.