20 Amazon Luxuries Under $20 ~ #2


I did a 20 luxuries under $20 earlier this year, and it was a HIT. I love finding good deals on Amazon, so here is version 2! Buy yourself something or get someone a cheap (but great quality) Christmas present, ‘tis the season.

Be sure to check out “20 Amazon Luxuries Under $20”, #1.


1. Ice Roller

I purchased this recently, and now I cannot imagine my life without it. I keep it in the freezer and if I wake up feeling puffy (or when I am hungover or tired AF) I roll this baby all over and feel like a new person.



2. Cut Out Turtleneck

BRB obsessed with this bodysuit. It’s a stretchy scuba material, and the lining underneath is soft and fuzzy. Throw this on with jeans and your outfit just went from casual to glam.



3. Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are something that I cannot seem to splurge on. I go through them fast, and they get dirty fast. I bought this pack awhile back and it hasn’t failed me yet! They are super soft (and super cute).



4. Wool Hat

Fedora wool hats are all the rage this fall! Everyone is wearing them, because they are so cute. This hat comes in a bunch of colors and has GREAT reviews. Grab one and throw on a sweater!



5. Food Huggers

I love reusable things and not wasting plastic on a daily basis, and these are perfect! If you only want half of your avocado or lemon, throw this guy on the end and it will keep it fresh in the fridge. And you didn’t have to waste any saran wrap, score.



6. Resin Hoop Earrings

I wear hoops daily, and I have been obsessed with resin lately! These are perfect to throw on with any outfit, and you can’t beat the price under $10.



7. Designer Dupe Clutch

Since I cannot afford a new designer bag monthly, I love finding similar items or “dupes”. This clutch is something I probably won’t love in a few years so spending $15 on it for a fashionable winter item sounds good to me! Comes in multiple colors too…. I think I need the pink.



8. Bluetooth Headphones

I can’t get myself to splurge on the air pods or the beats wireless headphones, and these are perfect to me. Nothing drives me more crazy on a run when the cord is getting tangled in my hand and ripping out my earphones. These are the perfect alternative!



9. Stainless Steel Straws

If you follow me on Instagram you know I have eliminated plastic straws out of my life completely! I keep some of these in my backpack, my purse, at my desk, in my kitchen, etc. I always have them on me and there is no excuse to use a plastic straw now! Learn more about this movement here.



10. Handheld Steamer

I always dreaded ironing, I hate it and I hate having to bring out a big board to do it, blah blah. I invested in a steamer and it has been SO NICE. I never iron anything anymore and I find this so much easier. This is a handheld travel one, so it fits under your sink easily, and you can bring it with you on your travels.



11. Leopard Print Belt

I find this belt the perfect piece to spice up any outfit. If you are wearing a solid color dress, throw this guy over it, or with jeans + a black top, and now your outfit is so much cuter! This $12 belt is great quality and looks like something from J.Crew!



12. Pom Pom Keychain

How cute is this keychain!? It’s the perfect item to spruce up your keys or give them away as a gift. Adorable!!!



13. Silk Top

I haven’t bought this yet, but it’s been in my cart for awhile now. It’s so cute and trendy, I need every color! I have a dress in this green color very similar and I LOVE it.



14. Faux Sheepskin Rug

I have a few of these around my house, on ottomans, chairs, under tables, etc. They are so chic and can make any area look cute!



15. Fuzzy Slippers

I hate having my feet cold more than anything! I also don’t understand open toed slippers, so these are perfect. And they are cute, comes in a few colors.



16. Chenille Scarf

I love how big & cozy this scarf is! And the pom poms add a perfect touch. Comes in a few colors, and I want them all. Cozy SZN is here!!!!



17. Palm Pajamas

These aren’t exactly winter PJs but they are super cute. I love them as an idea for a wedding party or if you have a tropical vacation planned!



18. Gucci Belt Dupe

I’m not going to lie, I am getting sick of seeing this belt. But when you find a cheap dupe for $14, you can’t help but get it and wear it until the fad dies down.



19. Blue Light Glasses

I am looking at a phone or computer 90% of my day, these glasses are amazing! They help block the light so it doesn’t strain your eyes. I don’t wear glasses so these help with the glare.



20. Satin Scrunchies

The 90’s are back, and these scrunchies are amazing! I was looking for satin ones everywhere and I couldn’t justify paying $10 for one of them at some stores… This set is only $12 and great quality and EVERY color! Also a great stocking stuffer :)